Question for tall guys...

OK, I am only 6'1", but have been cramped up on my '02 WR 426 since the day I got it. I put on a set of CR hi bend pro tapers with the added 3/4" adapters, and it's better, but not good enough.

I feel like I want my bars higher yet, and more importantly, FORWARD. If I could push them out an inch, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Any suggestions? I have been looking at top triple clamps, but don't know how far that would get me.

This would make a huge difference in my riding, especially in the endurance department, and while standing. Any help is appreciated.


Try the free footpeg mod if you haven't already done it. Cut the barrels off and weld them to the top instead of the bottom, swap the springs to the other peg. Moves them down and aft about 1/4". Made a difference especially standing.

I'm 6'5" and here's what I did:

-BRP upper clamp with 10mm risers (forward position, gets you about another cm forward)

-ProTaper KX-high bend (I think it's a little taller than the CR-hi's)

-GUTS racing tall seat foam

-free peg mod (not sure if you can do this to the 426, drops the pegs back & down 1/2")

When I first sat on the bike afterwards it only seemed a little taller/bigger, but now when I sit on my friends' bikes I realize that my bike fits me way better. My legs aren't as cramped with the seat & pegs now, and my arms are more stretched out / easier to stand without hunching over as much. I haven't tried too many other setups, but for me these mods have been an improvement. :)

You just swap the springs, and the pegs stay on the same side? That would make sense, I was thinking I read you swapped the pegs, and I didn't see how that was going to work.

Check out my pics of the mod on this Post

Peg Mod Pics

Thanks all, guess my next mod will be the foot pegs. Cheaper than a new triple clamp!

Im also 6'5" and I love the ergos of the wr450. I sold my xr650r due ti the cramped feeling. The stock W fits me great. The peg thing is quite interesting though. :)

OK, footpeg mod was probably the easiest mod I have done to my bike with the possible exception of removing the airbox lid. Fit right back on like they were intended to go that way! Standing on it in the garage feels good, can't wait to go riding!

Thanks for the advice guys.

Wow you did that fast! For tall / big-footed riders, the peg mod is a must. One of my friends this weekend (CR250 rider) sat on my bike and actually said "Wow, you've got so much room... these pegs feel great!" Pretty noticeable. Don't forget to adjust your shifter down...

I'm 76" or 6 4 and I really like the foot peg mod. I'm going to do it this weekend. I have the pro taper adapter that gives me about 3/4" on the bars. I feel very good on the bike, well except when I get lazy and sit down too much.

That's another problem.

Thanks fo the tip :)

Thanks for the note on the shifter, I would have forgotten!

Same goes for the'll take a while to get used to so beware...I almost ended up over the front by unexpectedly hitting the lever.

Guts/tall foam is a must too...if you are a "stander" then it is way easier to stand up from a less crouched postion.

Thumperacing makes some bar risers and forwardsers!

I am 6'9" and I am always cramped no matter what.

Here is my current setup.

ProTaper Doug Henry bend With std. adapters.

Guts racing tall "firm" seat. The others break down to quickly.

Fastway lowboy pegs, Lower, bigger and further back than the free mod.

I am going to buy an upper adjustable tripple clamp so I can use Thumper racing's risers. :)

Good luck


Who is going to figure out first that a lot of riders would be excited to see different 'size' bikes being sold (as far as ergos go)? It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to manufacture a couple different pegs & clamps, or offer different bar / seat foam options on the same model. Oh wait I forgot... dirt bikes are 'one size fits all.' :) Just because you're short doesn't mean you want less engine, and vice versa. The first manufacturer to do this is going to see a lot of extra sales, especially when the race is so tight to begin with...

Dont they already do that on some road bikes via seat options etc ?

I am 6'8" which is even more unusual in the UK with bigger stuff being even harder to find.

An extra couple of ideas which I have done to my WR400 is to rise the bars by an extra 1" with an ally billet. Had them machined up for less than £10 (including longer high tensile bolts). Also, I cut off the old foot peg mounts (drastic I know), and made up some new ones with angle iron and re-welded them lower and further back. Just make sure your welding is good!

Whilst on the tall subject, can anyone recommend a big mountain bike for big guys?


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