The WR 250 and 450

Well, starting today, looking for two new bikes. My son has out grown his DRZ125L in 9 very short months. Letting him upgrade to a 250, his choice of bikes. Looking today at the DRZ250, KTM250,TTR250, and the WR250, plus anything else we can find. Major mods need to be done to the 250? I know this is the 450 forum but I'm a little lazy to put out seperate posts. Any major complaints to the WR250? Still have time, he has to wait till his birthday.

I never thought this would happen but, I believe I've finally gotten to the point I also need to step up. Keep looking for a 6th gear in my DRZ400, really need something that will corner better. I've narrowed my selection down to two bikes:the WR450 and the KTM525. Any complaints with the 450? Is the woodruff key an issue with the WR450? Is the WR one of those bikes that's just happiest going wide open? The bike I get will be left stock as is the case with my DRZ. Well, maybe a larger tank and of course armor on the bike. We ride mostly in the Rocky Mountains but, this summer we saw four states and Baja. Our riding conditions do vary a little. How's the reliability of the WR's? We aloso put in about 200 miles a week when school's out. Thanks in advance :)


i've got an '01 wr250f w/ around 2500+ miles on it.

no problems, at least none that my crashing didn't cause.

i have complete and utter bike karma with my 250F.

you should note that the TTR250 and the WR250F are two

completely different animals. the TTR250 is a price-point

bike, and while plenty capable, it is not the "almost factory"

racebike that the WR250F is.

check out our excellent 250F FAQ, at

for the WR250F-specific mods, see

also, click the link in my sig.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

I've riden the WR450 and 250 and the older 520. The 450 is heavier and less agile than the 250 but ravages it with power, torque and stability. The 520 seemed to be a little more nimble than the 450, but not quite as stable and several lengths behind in drags. The 520 is a better "lugger" though. The 450 likes to wrap out more and the 250 thinks 13000rpm is the place it wants to stay.

All good choices.

Good luck

probably the simplest way to look at it...

if you ride between a lot of trees, get the 250F.

if you ride a lot of open spaces, get the 450F.

a 250F is not at home in the dunes or desert.

a 450F is not at home in tight singletrack or rocks.

if you ride a mix of conditions i would go with the 250F,

as it is more forgiving and will be less tiring.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

I have an 03 WR250 and I have 1200 miles on it in three months. I have only changed the oil a few times and filter after every ride. AWESOME bike. I would buy another in a heartbeat! :)

Thanks guys :D The 250 is for my son. I'm too fat and ride at too high altitudes for a 250. I was reading some posts on the top end of the 450. I was a little surprised :D I measured my DRZ with a GPS at 88MPH. That seemed to be in there with the posts on the 450. At least as far as I read, haven't checked the post lately. :)

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