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How to increase support with Check valve installed

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My suspension is set up perfect for trail riding, but it blows through the travel a little too easy on small, medium jumps on the track - or water bars on the trails. it feels great blasting through rocks and keeping a line though.

I was wondering if anyone knew which way would be the best to get more end of stroke support - which I think is high shaft speed - slamming the wheels into the ground off jumps, right?

my mechanic told me today that he took the mid valve out and replaced with a check valve, so would turning the clickers up more be most beneficial vs adding more oil volume?

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"yes" midvalve back in.

Even for a trail setup, the forks work better with the mv vers the cv.

When revalving my forks I added too much float thinking it would be plusher, but it was worse.

Tightened it up to just under 1mm and it's working well.

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