Anyone Running Stock Suspension on There XR650?

I was thinking of upgrading from and xr600 to an xr650.

I think I'm an advanced beginner. I ride desert/Gorman etc. Is the stock suspension acceptable for a 190lb rider of my ability?

Is seems that everyone I talk to upgrades the suspension, so I was curious if anyone ran it stock and what thoughts they had on it.

I have left mine stock. with only a fork oil change. I weigh about 215 and in all honesty pretty much a C class possibly(I like to think its possible)a B class rider. I dont think any suspension mods would hurt as I believe they are some of the best money you can spend on your bike, i just haven't gotten around to it on my xr650r. I can tell you that stock to stock you cannot compare the 650 to the 600! 650 is waaay better out of the box.

My 00 650 suspension is stock and seems to perform very well. I had a 95 XR600 that I had the suspension done on about a year after I got it. What a difference! It was alot better than stock, it could take some pretty big hits and still ride so smooth it the choppy stuff. The 650 stock suspension is better in high speed ruff terrain than a modified 600's suspension, probably due to its less flexy frame. I think you could get by with stock suspension on a 650 and have it done later when $'s permits.

I think the stock suspension is pretty darn good for general purpose off road fun with some minor tweaking. The stock fluid will get kind of gummy within a few hundred off road miles and some new fresh fluids will certainly help the action. Take the time to setup the static and race sag. Then play with the clickers and you'll probably be fairly happy like I was. You're a close match for the stock spring rates which might be OK unless you like bigger jumps, but if you can't get the static sag set correctly, then you might have to go to a slightly stiffer set of springs, but they are pretty easy to replace for the DIY type person with basic mechanical skills. Getting the sag setup (race & static) along with dialing the clickers can go a long ways toward improving your ride. If you want more, then you can always upgrade later like I did, but I was generally pleased with the stock suspension for the type of riding I was doing.

My 2000 model is still stock with only adjustments and no maintenance done to it yet....It has over 2000 miles of tight woods riding and over 5000 miles of insane desert and Dual Sport riding on it. It's past due for at least a fork oil change I know but I figure it'll let me know when it's ready...In the mean time I'm getting ready for riding at least another 1000 miles of Texas and Arizona desert in October....XR650Rs just keep going!!!

Oh yeah...I weigh 185 getting out of the shower....By the time I gear up and load all the tools etc on the bike I'm over 250 but I don't use the tools much.

Steve Smith

XR650Rocketman, where in the Texas desert do you ride? I'm in Sonora, which is 200+ miles northwest of San Antonio. Most of far west Texas is only about a days drive away on

I-10, so it would be cool to know where you ride? Thanks !


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