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HELP! where do these go on 450?

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I took out motor which included removing plastic and rear clip/swingarm. I put the body fasteners in a pail, and the mechanical parts in a different bucket. I have these 3 pieces left.

The allen head bolt may not be KTM. The M6 bolt that uses 8mm socket is definitely KTM.

The real stumper is this cylinder shaped bolt with flange.

where do these go? thanks for your help.


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the flanged cone is for the seat to slide over.

the short M6 goes on the bottom of the rad, where the fuel tank plastic slides over. It's a strange fastener as there is a threaded hole there for it, but it holds nothing in place.

not sure about the allen head. if that's all I have left over, not too bad.

gave the bike the first test today, and it started great and no engine noise. My cousin has owned several KTMs. In May we started to hear what we thought was top end rattle. He said it was clutch basket noise and to not worry about it. Normally, he knows his KTM stuff. Boy, I sure wish I knew about the tensioner then, because it would have saved me $1,000 to replace before all my damage. ANd many hours of my time.

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