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250f linkage an swing arm swap

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Has anyone swapped out a 250f linkage and swing arm, is there any advantage over the 2t one or is it really worth it?

The early Yamaha 4-strokes used the same parts as their 2-stroke brothers, but somewhere (around 2006?) the F bike's rear suspension parts became unique. The linkage and swingarms can still be swapped onto the 2-stroke bikes, but leverage ratios were changed to better suit the fatter bikes, I mean 4-strokes.

Be careful with which year parts are being swapped as well, as there may be some incompatibility there.

Digging through some parts lists may be helpful.

In other words, the swap can be done -- and probably already has been done -- but I'm not sure of any advantage for doing so, UNLESS it is the 2009-2010 F pieces, whos swingarm, brake and hub are noticeably lighter than the 2-stroke items. (Lots of threads on that.)

One last thing, remember that the 250F pieces are supposed to correspond to the 125 (the "small" bikes), and 450F parts are better related to the 250 2-stroke.

Again, the rear suspension parts can still be swapped between them, but the "small" bikes use shorter swingarms and such.

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A few of us have gone with the 450f arm. The new arm supposedly flexes different, but is a few lbs lighter. Some of the weight savings comes from the new hub as well. I did feel the lighter weight on the first ride, and that was cool. As far as any other advantages, though, its tough to say. It may handle a little better, certainly not worse.

Is it worth it? Probably not due to the cost. You need to replace almost everything that touches the swingarm, except the shock.

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