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My Progress so Far

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So, I made a thread about a month ago after I painted my valve cover red.

I'm on Christmas break right now so I'm back working on the bike some more. I had the bike stripped down most of the way and I wanted to grease up the steering stem bearings, so I just took it all apart to paint the triple trees. I put the front end back together last night and figured I'd share the results:ride:



AFTER (in some of the pics, the triples are just dusty-not scratched)








I still want to relocate the key somewhere, any ideas??

I just recently sold the fmf, and I'm saving up for an ssw/mrd:busted:

Here's the "workshop"


Tonight I'm going to tackle the swingarm bearings and might finish up the stator side loctite fixes. At least during the winter I have time to work on it:bonk: But I'd rather be riding!! I envy all you guys that can ride year round:banghead:

Have a Merry Christmas!!

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I drilled another hole in the mount and bolted it near my right turn signal, personally I like it. Didn't take but 20 mins to do.

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