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dr350 backfire prob. help please:

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Hello guys, i need your help with some backfire problems.

My bike is dr350 96 with an aftermarket exhoust (SuperPower), and i just installed K&N air filter and the DynoJet stage 1 kit.

The backfire happen's in 2 diffrent situations:

1) In neutral when i hold the throttle stadly on 3000-5000 rpm.

2) In riding when i shift down and relase the cluthc lever, or just relase the throttle.

What can be the solution to this problems? (Maybe diffrent main jet? or something else?)

Thanks alot.

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Backfire can be caused by:

1. Exhaust air leak

2. Lean idle mixture

Since this happens when you hold throttle in neutral, my guess is that it's an exhaust leak. Check all exhaust fittings to make sure there are no gaps, particularly the fitting to the head. DO NOT over tighten bolts to the head.

Flowing a smooth stream of smoke under fittings (a smoldering cigarette will work) is one way to find leaks.

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