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whenever it blows up! :bonk: lol i have a bad history of not checking compression and running the skirts right into the bottom end :smirk:

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It's called a service manual. It has amazing wisdom and insight on HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR MOTORCYCLE.

Ok well according to my service manual on my RM250 I should change my rings every 6 hrs, piston at 10hrs.

Not going to happen.

Common sense comes into play for realistic intervals.

Many factors go into interval time.

Use- MX, racing, trail plonking- MX and racing make for shorter intervals

Abuse- real dusty/ muddy races, overheating, revving the piss out of it, general abuse will make the intervals shorter

Piston type- can go longer intervals on a forged piston

Engine size- smaller engine = higher revs which = more frequent replacement

2 or 4 stroke- Pistons last longer in a 4

Myself racing woods and riding some MX I will go 40-50hrs on a forged piston on my 250 2 stroke with a re ring around 20-25hrs.

450 4 stroke I'll go around 100hrs on a forged piston.

Periodic teardowns and inspections will let you know were you stand in timelines.

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