starter clutch drive gear touches balancer weight??

Guys im trying to reinstall my starter clutch rotor and the manual says to first slide on the drive gear... but what worries me is that the drive gear slides all the way back far enough to touch the balancer weight....? There's no spacer or anything and i just dont remember it being back far enough to touch the weight, have u seen this? Will the rotor pull it into the back of it on its own? :bonk:

No idea. Perhaps if you told us the make/model/year, someone might tell you more than a wild guess.

Sorry, its an 07 wr 450

Have you installed the two syncronizing gears on the other side of the case yet? If not, the balance shaft won't fully seat. Also, I believe there is a step on the crankshaft which makes the starter gear sit further out.

Yes i've also aligned the two gears on the pin in the crankcase to the rite but they dont really seem to help the position of the clutch gear, and the crankshaft doesnt have any step to keep the gear off of the balancer, it is a new crankshaft (wiseco), there didnt seem to be any difference between this one n the stock one though.

When u guys have installed these in the past do u remember the gear being bottomed out against something before hitting the balancer? I dont get it, i'm 99% sure i didnt misplace any spacers or anything.

Have you removed/replaced the two bolts that secure the bottom of the cam chain buffer? These two special bolts (5TJ-12299-00-00) have an elongated head that keeps the starter ring from backing into the balancer shaft.

It's item 11 in the pic. Only shows 1, but there are 2 used.


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