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125 basic questions!

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I've been riding all my life. went from a xr80 to a crf100 to a yz250f. I ride with my friends all the time, mostly woods. Long story short, had to sell my yz to get my truck. now that i have it i want another bike!! sick of ridin my dads recon.

Im currently saving up money to buy a bike. I really want a dirtbike, because i have much more fun on them in the woods and would like to start goin to tracks.. but i have alot of questions. please bear with me :bonk:

Im considering a yz125 or a cr125, doesn't matter which one i get. depends on what deal comes up first. since i will be paying for all of this bike including maintenace, i need to know how often to rebuild, everyone says different. This may be a stupid quesion, but to 125's have engine oil like a common 250f? i know they have tranny oil and you obliviously mix oil in the gas..

What is my cheapest bet on keeping my top end? replace rings monthly? or just do the top end complete rebild. Im very mechanically inclined, and pretty confident with a Clymer Manual i can do it myself. WHAT TOOLS ARE NEEDED?

What octane gas? What ratio, and what kind of oil? What about tranny oil?

thank you for your time, ride on!!

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you answerd yourself on the question if they have engine oil. it depends on how you ride the bike for how long it lasts. if you race every weekend you should replace piston/ rings every 10 hours or so. if you trail ride i would just check them once a year to make sure they are in spec and probably replace every 50 hours or so. you only need common hand tools to do a rebuild, but a torque wrench is very nice to have, to get the bolts on to the correct tightness. run premium gas 91 octane i think? i ran 32:1 oil, some say its high but i think it let me skimp on the piston changes for a while lol .i ran maxima super m oil, its synthetic blend. tranny oil- run your favorite conventional car oil, i ran valvoline. hope this helps.

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