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need help with '74 TS 185M

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Bought this bike from a neighbor (3 doors down), not running. He got it from another neighbor but never got around to working on it. It only has 1700 miles, was garage kept. Here's what we still need to figure out:

1. where is the ignition switch? The steering lock is there, the tank (at one time) also had a lock, but where is the one for the bike? Since the wires look pretty organized we are suspecting that models could come keyless but there should still be a way to turn it off, even a kill switch? We can't find one on it.

2. why is there one unconnected green wire by the battery? Is that for an extra feature?


3. There are two other loose wires hanging under tank...can't figure those out either:


What we've done so far:

-new charged battery

-air filter rehabbed

-spark plug

-cleaned carb, waiting on gasket for it

-waiting on engine mount

-oil change

-cleaned oil reservoir

Any help is appreciated!

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oh, found the ignition wire connector in the headlamp, a group of wires witha a squarish plug that should probably be connected to the ignition switch...let's see what else we discover...

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