400/426 frames interchangable?

I was thinking about buying a frame to have powdercoated for my old 99 yz400. I found a good deal on a 2001 426 frame. Will my 400 parts fit the 2001 frame?

Yes, just about everyting interchanges on '98-'02 YZ's and WR's. There may be some minor differences. There were a few changes made in '99 and '00. The biggest were to the rear wheel (and maybe the subframe, can't remember).

why go through the hassel? Just powdercoat the frame you have now?

Because I dont want to have all the downtime while I'm waiting on the powdercoating. I can still ride the bike while I'm waiting on that to be finished.

Well, here's what I did. I took my bike apart on the weekend, then took the frame to the powdercoat shop. They powdercoated it in a few days. Picked in back up and the following weekend I reassembles the bike. I only missed about 8 days of riding. Seems like a no brainer compaired to spending a couple hundred on a used frame that doesn't match the title.

a used frame that doesn't match the title.

Maybe he's got a stolen bike.

Just kidding!:bonk:

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