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xr400 exhaust tips?

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Hi All,

My xr has a pretty ugly looking rusty ol exhaust tip. Now I don't know much about these. i am looking for a new shiny one. Does it make any difference to the sound etc? My bike is loud enough as it is and i love the sound but it is just plain ugly. I have a OEM muffler. It's loud enough to fully turn the head of the local copper when i go into town (road registered). It has a nice rumble and thunder thing happening but I would just like it to look nicer. Where do i get these? I want a nice sound too. Not too loud.



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You could swap out your '97 style tip with the '98 and newer baffle. It will be much quieter.

Someone on the forum here might have one lying around.

Or ebay. I know you don't need the whole thing but if you could pick this up for $10, it would be worth it just to take the baffle from it, depending on what shipping costs you.


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