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1975 dt 175, ignition help

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So my dad was recently given a yamaha 175 its in really great shape except the ignition, and stator. i have taken the fly wheel off and removed the stator, both of the lighting coils have been removed. The ignition coil is still there however the previous owner mentioned some problems with it melting the solder on the coil. there is no wire that i see to be soldered to though, the ground is still there(the other end of the coil wrap that that attaches to the base) i do not no where the other side of the coil wrap goes though, best i can figure somehow it attaches to the condenser? sorry for the confusing write up, but if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

also if there is any sort of cdi style ignition that can be easily swapped in that would be ideal, thanks

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