Motocross Goggle Strap Velcro kit.

One of our riding buddies has a Goggle that on one side of his helmet just velcro's on and off. It stays on via a round velcro sticker on the side of the helmet. Does anyone know where to order a setup like this? Also does it come in a kit with a new strap, or do I cut the existing one.

I have to get one of these things as it seems like it will make things much simpler to take the goggle on and off when resting etc..


They are called Roko Quick Straps. RockyMountain MC has them. Under the goggles section.

It comes with its own straps. You just remove the original strap from the goggles and put the new strap on. They fit most brands of goggles.

Quick Straps RULE!!! :)

They also sell mounting kits so if you have one pair of goggles and more than one helmet for about $3 you can put the mounts on another helmet. Also helps if you buy a new lid and your goggles are still fine.

Thanks for the info, I went right to the web site and just ordered the Roko Quick Straps in Black. for $12.99 can't beat that! Hopefully they don't fall apart or something.


I've had the same set on two pairs of goggles for about 5 years and they have held up great. I'm never going to go without them again.

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