Fork and Shock Spring Identification

Is there a way to tell the manufacture of springs, ie race tech, eibach, oem?

And is there a way to tell what the spring rate is?

I've got a chance to pick up a set of stiffer springs for my 07 450 and would like to know what I'm getting.

Thanks for any help, And Merry Christmas!


Every aftermarket manufacturer of shock spring (at that I've seen) marks the part number and sometimes the rate on the spring. Fork springs are a little tougher. Race Tech does have an ink marking with part number on their springs and so do a few others. OEM fork and shock springs are usually ID'd with paint codes or hash-marks ground into the end of the spring, but nothing else.

I Got lucky on the springs I picked up, Eibach puts the partnumber and rate right on the springs, fork and shock.


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