First big jump! Wow (Long)

Hi Guy

I had to share this with you. I bought a used KX500 after 15 year of break (I'm 30) at the begining of the season... big mistake... I try my friend 01 YZ426 and I did fell in love immediatly, the following week I was proud owner of a new YZ426.

Well I have been riding a lot since June but mostly trails (I'm member of the Quebec Enduro Cross Club). Then today with went to a sand pit where a guy built is own track...

Wow... It was a nice track with 4 big jump!!! The was very impressive to watch, smooth big air...

So finaly I tried the first one, after a few tries, I was jumping 35-40feet at 5-6feet. WOW WOW and then I tried another one.

This one was about 10feet tall with a table and a nice landing. It was kind of scary at fist but again WOW... I jumped several times and the last one was perfect at 35feet and 6-7feet in the air... I love this and I love my bike...

I'm a little bit over 250lb on a stock suspension (with a few clicks) I was bottoming but not hard...Cool

I can set my suspension to hard cuz I'm mostly doing trails but what should I do to limit the bottoming? Extra oil in the forks???

I had to share... It's a cool sport.


Salut Bleu! Where is this track of yours with the four jumps?

Hey! great news on your jump! I am also about 250 with gear on and am new to jumping. I recently cleared a 65' table at a local track and am working on the rythm section. As far a springs, spend the money at our weight in is a must! best money I ever spent


To limit your bike from bottoming, you will need stiffer springs front and/or rear. I would recommend it at your weight. Stock rear is a 5.4kg and the stock fork springs are .47's. I'd up each of these one notch and go with .48's or .49's in the front and 5.5 or 5.6kg in the rear. (not sure what's available for the rear spring) Set you other adjustments (rebound and compression as they would normally be set. If I were you, I'd keep your oil level right where it is. :)

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