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Rekluse EXP 2.0 Setting

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Hi Guys,

Yesterday I installed a Rekluse EXP 2.0 onto my 2011 300XC-W.

I've followed the instruction sheet and video to a T and began with 1 1/4 turns on the free play gain adjuster.

After the installation, when revving the bike to what I think was 5000RPM, the lever moved about 1/2 inch. I then took it out for the break in as Rekluse recommends.

Geez, the clutch was slipping badly, but, I nevertheless persevered and did the required stop/starts in 1st and second gears.

I then opened the clutch and began turning the adjuster in even more in order to adjust the free play gain to be within spec hoping this will somehow sort out the slipping.

Closed her up again and took her out, wow, it was like the clutch was never fully engaging, always slipping.

I might add, my clutch plates are also in very good condition so I don't think they have a part to play in this.

I've opened the clutch numerous times now and re-set the adjuster, firstly finding the start of the screw tension and then going in various amounts on the adjuster.

I've found that the Rekluse seems to work for me at about 1 turn in, but...... then the free pay gain is roughly 1/4 inch on the lever.

My question is, what could go wrong with too much free play gain. The video explains the opposite, i.e. too little will cause clutch slip.

Secondly, what could cause this, wrong oil (I'm using KTM Service Center's Motorex brand)

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards from sunny South Africa.


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Seems to me that I am at 1 1/8ish turns in and the lever comes in 1/4 inch when revved. Works fine there for me. 09 300 xcw.

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