2012 yz450

So im in the market for a new bike ...i race little mx mostly gncc style national enduro harescrambles...ive been reading that the new 450 is a pretty good woodsbike out of the box and can be a great with some mods....just looking for some more input any tips appreciated

I race gncc type races, and I race a 2011 450, Its great, just get the susp sorted to your taste, I have the pro circuit linkage arm on, not sure if it helps but my bike handles sweet, got a rekluse exp, run tubliss, the bike is very sweet

If you want a trusty bike that hold up great, go for this bike. When I sold my -11 with 70 hours on it, both felt and looked like new. These are very well built bikes that can take a beating without falling apart. A chassi that is well balanced and can be awesome if setup the right way. The motor is strong and easy to use.

Hows the starting in a dead engine race...a certain procedure?

My 12 seems to be a 3 kick bike on average, my buddies 11's the same. They both want a crack of throttle too, maybe some of these other guys have got it down better than that? Not sure why the crack of throttle is needed, feels like your toying with kickbacks at times. Just about guaranteed that it wont start hot with throttle fully closed. My 08 was better than that.

Adding to the input about how many kicks. My Yamaha takes about 2 or 3 kicks also. On a side note my KX450F starts on the first kick and is so easy I often get surprised by the sound of the engine roaring to life.

The YZ450F is a very good off-road bike. If it fits your ergos and riding style it can be a very non-tiring bike with plenty of motor in all conditions that won't ride YOU at the end of a desert or off road event.

IMO great woods bike

add a rekluse, flywheel, silencer, and appropriate map

suspension stock seems great for offroad for me. I'm a tad heavy for the springs but not enough that justifies me spending the money.

as far as starting it will start in one kick most of the time. Get idle turned up 2300 -2400 rpm. Engine hot, slightly crack the throttle to allow more air. It works best in N but will start in gear. It may be faster to start in N and put in gear than to hope that it will start in gear but maybe not.

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