New England Yamaha Shops

Has anyone had any good experiences with their shop. I want to bring my W in this wintr for the first major service but I dont really trust too many places. If someone has had a good experience at one doing valves and checking tolerances and other maintenance type things that would make me feel alot better. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks, D :)

I have been to Brockton several times...but have never had my bike there.

If I may, you should do ALL the work yourself.

Your manual is quite good, and you have about 20,000 guys here that may be able to help you as well.

At least do some of the work yourself. I know I cannot afford to pay someone $60/hr who more than likely is less competant than me.

i REALLY WANT TO DO THE VALVES MYSELF BUT i AM KINDA SCARED to do it because it is a high perfomance bike and the whole 5 valve thing. Ive never done valves before but am somewhat mechanically competent. I just dont have that much faith in myslef dealing with the motor. It seems like it is not just a simple open up the valve cover and use feeler guages. It seems like on this bike htere is more to it????

Denis, I had Brocton cycle do my valves and it cost me $90 to do that task only. They don't charge you for the shims cuz they just swap out for the ones you need. they have guys over there that specialize in differant areas ie. engine, suspension ect... I didn't watch them do it so I cannot dispute what they found but they did the TSB and my valves for me and I've had no issues with there work. I would eventually like to do them myself but I am now just feeling comfortable with other maintenance ie. carb, jetting oil,filter & lube, tires ect... In due time my friend :D

Good luck, Smoke :)


There is absolutely nothing to be worried about!

Although obviously more difficult than a 2 stroke, it still is NOTHING!!

Adjusting valve clearance is a breeze and something anybody with a few tools and a torque wrench should be able to do EASILY by following the manual. If you want to remove the valves themselves, change out springs etc you need to be a bit more of a mechanic....I took mine to reputable shop and they reground them, checked the springs & spacers etc for me.

If you have the time, spend some of it on maintaining the bike. You will learn how it works and when soemthing goes wrong out in the sticks, and if you have the tools with you you will be better armed to ride out. :)

i like to try out myself. Anyone have a copy of the manual for 98 Wr400? :)

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