Anything cross over from the 06 to 07+ WR450?

Will my foot pegs on the 06 fit the 07+?

Triple clamps?

Exhaust silencer and head pipe?



Air Filters?


IMS 3.1 tank?

Anything else that y'all know that cross over?

Yes, yes, no/yes, yes, maybe, yes, no, and no.

Wheels and axles, front brake (all of it), rear master cylinder and caliper, forks, gas cap, carb, cams, most of the starter parts and clutch parts, rear brake pedal, and gear shifter.

Oh, and the front fender, wiring harness (with some modification, and kill, start, power switches), CDI, levers and cables too.

Cool, thank you very much. Merry Christmas!

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