Looking for some tire recommendations..

For my dual sport 2006 wr450 which will be about half on/off road. What I want is a long lasting tire I can get lots of miles out of which still has good grip for offroad.

I do not care if it's dot approved , just need long life.

MAXIS, can't remember the model, and Dunlop 606. I ran the Dunlop on a DR350 for 3 years and Maxix on KTM 300EXC.

Maxxis IT (rear) wears very well but doesn't work the greatest. Pirelli MT16 (front and rear) wears almost as well but works much better. Nothing else I have tried comes close to either of these as far as durability.

My first choice is the Pirelli MT 16 front and rear for "classic" dual sporting.

Maxxis It front and rear is my second.

However most of the time I do "Hard" DS, which is basically Enduro type riding and I run whatever soft terrain tire happens to be on the bike, which is usually an S12 or Maxxis SI or Pirrelli Mid Soft.

Ever consider the Pirelli MT 43 trails tires? Just installed them on my WR along with the Tubliss system and I can't believe how good they work on all kinds of terrain. Run low air pressure (8 - 9 psi) and they stick better than any knobby I've tried. They also wear forever. They look funny on a dirt bike, but the DS guys are all switching to these. I love mine.

+1 for the Pirellis!

Thanks everyone, how many km or miles do you get out of them ?

Maxxis IT (intermediate terrain) on the rear

Pirelli Scorpion XTMH (medium hard) for front

We (3) all ride these...highway to the gnarly muddy/rocky trails. Great durability.

May not be the ultimate "hookup" tires but they definitly fit the bill as you have defined it.

I'm running a Goldentyre 219 rear and 213 front, decent wear, great performance. I'm running it on my DRZ 400. I have about 3000k on the set, about 40-50% left.

On a side note, I prefer performance over durability though. My second vote would be Dunlop 606, 3rd would be Kenda 270s (they're cheap and do well).

Kenda 270s = I have been using them for years with good mileage out of them. Good on the road and pretty good traction off road here in the Colorado Rockies dirt and rocks. Go with a 5.10 on the rear for sure. Cheap but good!

With all due respect...if you can't figure out what tire size is correct for a bike you already own.....you have a lot of work/studying/preparation to do before you can safely do any off roading.

"Knowledge is power" as the saying goes....its also safety.

It's a bike I haven't rode yet because of winter and it's stored. Otherwise I'd go look at the rim. So do you know what size?

Dunlop MX-51 in 90/100-21 for the front and Maxxis Desert IT in 120/100-18 for the rear for DS riding. The Desert IT last just as long as any DOT knobby.

For pure dirt the MX-51 rear instead. The MX-51'a are my new fav tires for around this area..:bonk:

Before I put on my rear MT43, do I need to be prepared to buy a bigger chain, or will it fit my 2014 wr450 without extra fuss?

Stock chain length will work fine with the MT 43. That tires durability is amazing. I typically change out 2 rear knobby's to every front tire. I'm on my 2nd front tire and still the same MT43.

080--it fit just fine.  Three tire irons and four beers later, I have them on my WR450 and XT250.  Both fit with stock gearing and stock chain.


I see Japan suffers from the great grease shortage of 2014.  Problem rectified on the axle bolt and dust seals.

080--it fit just fine. Three tire irons and four beers later, I have them on my WR450 and XT250. Both fit with stock gearing and stock chain.

I see Japan suffers from the great grease shortage of 2014. Problem rectified on the axle bolt and dust seals.

In my case it's 1 bead buddy, 2 tires, 3 tire irons, 4 beers, and at least 5 F-words every time.

Just got back from 25 miles of sharp rocks and sand.  The Pirelli MT43 is horrible in sugar sand.  It's funny that it doesn't slide out on gravel roads. 


The trailing edge of the center knobs all have a small scallop cut in them, like that was the last part of the knob to touch a sharp rock.  I had them at 12 pounds.  We shall see.....

12lbs is ok for dirt roads/dual sport but for otherwise needs to be in the 4-6lbs range. Keep in mind its a trials tire so the smoother your on the gas out of corners etc the better the traction is going to be.

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