Looking for some tire recommendations..

Gotcha.  Thanks!


I just watched a video on the tubliss system.  Very interesting!  It's kind of tubliss, but there's a tube inside that keeps the sealing strip against the spoke nipples.

I've been using trials tires now a couple years. First without the tubeless system but kept getting flats at anything under 10lbs. Over a year now with the tubeless system ran at lower psi and it is great. I can keep my front at 10psi and the rear at 4psi.

It's kind of hard to go easy on this motor--it always seems like it's ready for just a little more twist.  Definitely not a lugger.

9 months on, and these tires are still wearing quite well.  I miss heavy-handing the throttle in the corners to slide the rear, but the extra grip is really great when riding kids on back.


I also recently purchased a 98 Cota 315 which has the Michelin competition trials tire on it.  The softness of that rubber compound is amazing and I can see it would get trashed on my 450.  I ride everything from sagebrush, sand, mountains.


Thinking I was hot snot, I pointed the 450 uphill in 1st gear on dirt/long grass/rocks which became grass/rocks.  Since it was raining really hard, I figured the ass end wouldn't grab.  I was wrong as the bike kept going uphill (it was steep enough that I kept sliding off the back and was dragging the clutch quite a bit to keep the front end down). The rear still had plenty of grip to loft the front end over a 12 inch high rock that I couldn't avoid/slowdown for while going uphill.  I only turned around because the rocks kept dislodging underneath the rear.


Going down--totally different story.  It's like the back brake didn't work and there was no grip on the rear tire.  Engine braking/modulating the rear brake did VERY little to slow me down.  All front brake to stop and not be out of control. 


Moral of the story, the tire has amazing grip in certain situations, depending on which direction I'm pointed.  Downhill, not so much.  I'm looking for a tire now that is the best of both worlds...softer/DOT/good all around grip.  Since this tire wears really well, I figure I have a year to find my golden tyre---oops, I mean tire.

motoz enduro rear, i use the I/t. up front i use a kenda washougal** sticky. both DOT approved and work great.

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