desert tank question for my 99 wr400

Ive been looking for a desert tank for my bike, combing craigslist and such. Ive found a few deals for like 01 yz426s and what I am wondering is will a desert tank for a yz400 or yz426 work on my 99wr400. Ive searched and found a little info that hints i will need to change my seat to a yz seat but other than that what should i be looking for that will fit my bike?

Im looking in the 3 1/2 gallon range.


When I had my '99 WR400, the hot set-up was the oversize IMS YZ tank with the YZ seat.

The stock tank/seat setup was horrible. It was like having a watermelon between your legs. The IMS YZ tank for the '98-'02 400/426's is about 3.5 gallons and with the YZ seat, a lot more comfortable to ride.

Yes, any YZ400/426 tank will fit your wr, but you MUST use the YZ seat. Ergonomics will be much better...

Sounds good!

Thanks guys

keep in mind the seat and tank are the same as the ones on the 250f up to 02.


any tank and seat off a



01-02 YZ250F

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