How many miles does a wr400 usually last?

Hey guys I have a 1998 wr400f in decent condition with just over 500 miles . It has never been raced or abused. Assuming maintenance has been regular and often, how long do the motors usually last on these?

1 hour to about 15 years. :bonk:

Being kind of sarcastic, but it really depends on the type of riding, and how well the bike is maintained. I know you stated, (never raced or abused, and regular maintenance) but everyone's interpretation of proper maintenance is different. Some feel just an oil change and clean air filter is proper maintenance, while others strip they're bikes down and check/inspect everything often. The WR's are pretty bullet proof if taken care of, and can last many years. Your 98' still running strong is a good example how how long they can last when taken care of. Replacing worn engine components before they break will keep you and your WR happy for many years.

Mine went 7 years before its first valve adjustment and the clutch replaced. Probably had 15,000 miles on it.

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