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2009 ktm 250sxf

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Tiny-D finally retired his CRF100 and now is on a new to us 2009 KTM 250SXF with some hours on her.

Miles of smiles from a 13 Year Old, no doubt!

I've just completed a valve inspection/re-shim on the upper side of factory spec but wanted to share the jetting as we took ownership of the bike.

A bit of backstory-the bike doesn't seem as easy to start as my '04 YZ450. But of course with any new bike, maybe we just need more time to figure out how this new KTM wants to be started.

Jetting as received with the bike having a stock can/head pipe:

Main Jet:175

Pilot Jet: 42

Cold Start Jet:85

Idle Air jet: 100

Leakage Nozzle in float bowl: 50

A. Pump Diaphram: 858/3.2mm

A. Pump Linkage was safety wired closed

Needle: OBEKP , 4th groove from the top (middle groove)

Sea Level to 500 Feet

What float height should I set?

I'm not sure of the brand, but the adjustable fuel screw is one of those cable actuated jobbies with the adjusting knob positioned right by the idle adjusting screw. Should I replace it with a Scotts?

I'll probably go the JD Jet kit route unless the collective encourages me otherwise.

Thanks Much for everyone's input!


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Float height s/b about 10mm

Sounds like the fuel screw you have is an R&D, it is a fine screw, the tip is brass.

Before you make any jetting changes other then fine adjusting the fuels screw for a perfect idle, test ride the bike, identify any running issues. Many can be resolved with minor tweaks. Some, a jet kit is the way to go.

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