any good riding in central florida?

i'm looking at possibly relocating to orlando. do any of you guys know if there are any good riding opportunities (trails not mx) in the area? thanks.

When I was in Orlando this past fall, it was nothing but asphault, tourists, and the locals (Cubans).

I lived there back in 1985. It is NOTHING like it was (read as much worse).

There used to be an MX track, Diamond Back, off of 95 south of Cocoa. I think that is closed. Your best bet may be noth of Orlando, towards Gainesville...???


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As you can see from my username, I live in central Florida. We happen to be blessed with several excellent riding areas around here. The Ocala National Forest is about an hour's drive north of Orlando. It's about 300,000 acres. I ride there just about every weekend (when my bike isn't broke down.) We average about 120 miles a day up there. 45 minutes west of here is the 50,000 acre Richloam Forest that has a lot of nice jeep trails and logging roads. And, about 15 minutes farther west is the state-run Croom motorcycle park. It's only about 3,000 acres but you can certainly spend the whole day having fun.

I'm sure there are other places that I just haven't been to yet.

Riding here is year-round. Summers get pretty hot, but if you get out early in the day, it's not too bad. It doesn't get as hot here as it does in a lot of other places, since we're on a peninsula. The summer average high temp is about 90-95° F. The catch is that it gets hot early in the season (April-May) and it usually doesn't cool off again until late October.

The only caveat to riding around here is that your bike needs to be licensed. Otherwise you are very limited to where you can ride, especially in Ocala and Richloam.


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