cable lube, what to use?

What do you all use for cable lube?

I've got a can of "cable lube" which was packaged with the cable luber that I purchased, but on the can they brag about its resistance to ice and snow so I'm not so sure that it will hold up here in FL where most of my riding days are 90 degrees or hotter.


My experiences with various lubricants has led me to use a light weight lubricant with a teflon additive. This seems to yield the lightest and smoothest pull. WD40 is alright but something with teflon will work better. Liquid Wrench with teflon is one product that comes to mind although there are numerous others



Triflow works it at any bicycle shop. They may now sell it at MX shops, but I used it frequently with my Mtn Bike and still do.

Thanks for the tips, I'll try the triflow. Is it just me, or does that stuff smell like banannas? I wonder if they would give me credit for my full, but out of propellant can which I have left over from the mtn. bike years. :)

I'm sure that wd-40 would work but when I've used it on other things I find that it wears off quickly.

Thanks all!

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