advice needed please peeps...

Good evening dudes, i need as much advice as possible with regards to buying a WR 400. I have been a sports bike rider for years and fancy a bit of fun. Many thanks ross

What kind of advice to you need? WR400 is a great bike. Bought one new in '99 and rode the wheels of it 'till I bought my '03 WR450.

just find a reiend that knows their way around a dirtbike if yer buying used and drag em with u to look at it. if yer buying new.... hope for a good deal.

Ross, Seeing as how it's one of the original models, you have to pay attention to the starting routine! My routine is as follows:If the bike is cold (hasn't been run): Fuel on, choke on, three twists of the throttle, then remove your hand from the throttle and place it on the front brake reservoir. Push the kickstart lever down with your leg until just slightly past full compression. Now let the lever return to the top. With a good, full, strong kick all the way thru, the bike should fire.

If the bike is already warmed up: No choke, and don't twist the throttle.

Hope this helps! Good luck!!! Maniac

If its a fixer uper it would be nice if it starts stops turns and is all there.

A decent 400 would be around the £1000-£1400, if its had any engine rebuild you'd be looking at around £1800+ and with sumo wheels alot more. Take as a rough guide.

A very reliable bike, over built I have heard say about this model.

Still a cracking bike that can still cut it.

If you've found one and go to look and its a runner, get the owner to start it (cold) in about 2 kicks should be all that it takes. You shouldn't have to kick the crap out it to get it started.

Starting routine is essential or it with flood and foul plug.

Fuel on, choke on, 2 full pulls on the throttle, find tdc, decompression lever in, push kicker pasted tdc, return kicker to top, then kick.

A bike of this age your probably looking at doing some engine work to it.

If it looks like new plastics has it been tarted up to sell?

I'd be more interested if its had any engine work/valves shimed/ new timing chain etc then what it looks like.

Go with your gut on any bike/seller.


Hi Ross I've had a 98 wr400 and I was fantastic as everyone has said starting Is the key the one I had had a valve lifter so that helped what I would say is the engines sound noisy so can't go by that make sure doesn't smoke And compression is good and look at what else you will need to by like will it need new chain and sprockets if you do there £120 ish rear tyre £60ish forks leaking £70ish and so but generally a bloody good bike I have a wr 450 and there nowt Much between them performance wise hop this helps

Thanks for the helps gents

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