Pilot Screw Location??

Ok,,,now for the really stupid question.

Where is the pilot screw located. I can see it in the manual but not on the carb itself. Is it up in that little hole on the very bottom? I just want to lean out 1/4 turn. Is that the same as tightening 1/4 turn?

I know this is lame to many of you but I just want to fine tune slightly.

Also would like to make the clutch engage closer to the handlebar...

I hope someone will help me...

Thanks again everyone!


I believe that the screw which you are looking for is indeed in the small hole in the front/bottom of the float bowl. The manual has some pretty good exploded views of the carb.

If you look closely at the clutch cable where it meets the perch on the handle bar you will see that on the end of the cable is a large rubber wheel which you can turn to adjust the lever position (cable length). Just be sure when you're done adjusting that you can still disengage the clutch properly with the handle pulled in.

Ok, so if that's the screw...I go IN 1/4 turn to lean out?



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