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2012 Cam

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Just wondering if anyone has put a Cam into one of the new bike's and what gains they got. Would be interested to here from anyone who has had any engine work done at all actually. Plan on spending some money on mine.

22mm offset clamps

shock link


header pipe/muffler


Head work.

Dont realy need any of it!, but its my bike and want to see how much different it would be!

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Do you honestly need more power than 55 rwhp?? IF your planning on doing cam and headwork you must be lookin for more peak power? What kinda riding you doing?

If you wana get more power ur gonna need big cams, along with the big cams your gonna need more compression (big dome piston) or your just wasting your time. Then you will need to have a custom EFI dyno tune or your reallllllyyy just wasting your time n money. And if your riding this thing on an MX track i hope your trying to qualify for pro-nationals..

I know people with this kinda work done, and thats what they are doing, making the night show on supercross and actually qualifying for pro nationals.

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