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Suggestions for hyper-flexion of ankle?

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Hello, I cased a jump around first week of October 2011 hyper-flexing my ankle (as described in the "Moto Innovations" Ankle-Savers products).

I aggravated it 3 more times across 5 weeks with 1-2 week breaks between them, not actually riding but on the ramp while loading twice and once simply kick starting. It is not improving. Then I sat for at least 4 weeks and then rode a few days ago and it was just as bad as in October when it first happened.

When the pain subsides I can't even tell the injury is there. I do not limp or anything. I jogged in the sand late November/early December for re-hab/strengthening, that didn't help apparently.

Is there a good re-hab process for this - hot/cold, strengthening? I guess at this point I should stop riding until it can heal before I make it so bad I can't even step off a curb some day.

If I were a younger man this silly thing would have healed in 2 weeks.

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