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Hello all,

Just wanted to introduce myself - new to this forum and to motorcycles too.

I am, as of recently, the owner of a '97 DR350SE, US model. My brother-in-law bought it at an auction a few years ago; it was evidently a police (park patrol) bike for a community in the East Bay area of California. It's been denuded of all its graphics, has some extra holes drilled in the fenders and luggage rack (obstensibly for cop lights and boxes), and 17k on the clock. In the four or five years it's sat in my brother's shop, it's never ran: needed a new clutch cable to begin with; not exactly sure what else. My goal is to get it up and running again soon, in stock form, for riding mining roads and fire trails here in the foothills of Northern California where I am located (Sonora area, the old Mother Lode gold country, about one hour's drive north of Yosemite).

Could use some help: primarily could use some suggestions for online parts sources for OEM Suzuki parts. The nearest "local" dealer is about 1.5 hours away! In addition to the beforementioned clutch cable, I will assume the carb needs rebuilding and the fuel system cleaned out - the gas in the tank smells positively horrid; I can only imagine what evil lurks in the carb at this moment...

Does anyone have .pdf's of owners and shop manuals they can share with me? I plan on doing all - or as much as possible - of the work myself. I am an engineer by trade, and used to have a nifty side business of restoring old German automobiles (before the Economy went kaputt), so I am fairly handy with the tools and stuff. This is my first 'bike (second, actually: I once had a '66 Ducati 250 Mach III, and several boxes which it resided in, in little bits and pieces so it wouldn't pose much of a menace to society), so I am new to the culture of motorcycling, but I am an avid mountain biker/racer here in NorCal, so I know a couple of things about trail riding.

Good to be here; love to hear from some of you!


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Welcome.:bonk: I picked up a 98 a few years ago and love the bike. Use it for gravel roads, forest service roads and the like. Nice having the 6 speed. I lowered the the front counter shaft sprocket by one tooth, makes for a decent off road bike and can still cruise 55-60 mph all day long on the hwy. Good luck and have fun. maxsuzuki and bikebandit are also god sites for info and parts. Cman.

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