stock silencer for sale. off of 2001 yz426

Will sell cheap, you name a price, E-Mail me at for more info.

Someone better buy this. The 2001 silcener is the single biggest performance I've seen on any motorcycle I've ever owned. The 01 silencer core is at least 1/4 inch wider. I actually have the 01 header as well. The combination of the two is incredible.

Mr T

Toyz - so, do yu have a 2000 model??


Check your e-mail Elan

DPW, how much do you want to spend on it, let me know and well see about it.

Elan, I have to pass for now. Somehow I missed the word "silencer" in your post. I was looking for a complete stock exhaust for a 01 426. That and my funds have been re-directed to something alot less fun than dirt bike parts. :)


Ok, ill let yall know when im going to sell the whole system, as i need a new head pipe because my stock one has a small dent, but it is fixable

Boomer, nope I've got a 99.

I forgot to mention that I managed to instal a spark arrestor in side the silencer....and I'm still am impressed by the power! :)


how much are you asking for the silencer?

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