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I dont know the year, but steel frame, think it used to be a racer, as it had half a tank of av gas in it.

Been sitting for a while and didnt take too long to start.

Seemed to have quite a bit less compression than my 03 yz250f.

Idle was all over the place, and when I got it steady as to what was about normal, put it into gear, and clutch seemed to ride / bit of noise with lever pulled in, and it seemed to throw on another 1000 rpm for the idle.

Bike is quite tidy, new chain a sprockets and tyres, seems ok for for about $1200 USD ($1500 New Zealand).

Any thoughts?, sorry about vague description of year etc, assuming early to mid 2000's, but couldnt make head or tail of the frame number / code.

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thanks...actually been told to stay away from Suzi and Kawa types as they are the same bike for these years, and that was from an independant mechanic not affiliated with any particular brand name.

Was maybe hoping to buy the bike and make a few dollars to buy the 10 year old a first set of 2 wheels with the profit.....

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