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XL250S Engine Rebuild and Inspection *pictures*

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So, I bought a full gasket set for my 79' XL and have a bit of spare change for internals and parts for this "rebuild" I usually enjoy reading these types of threads and like to see lots of pictures. So I decided to take some photos and begin my first look inside my XL. I bought this bike from the original owner and judging by the look and feel of the bike, It hadn't received any attention in at least 10 years. Luckily it had been kept inside a climate controlled area. Looking at almost all the bolts on the engine and NONE had wrench marks or any sign of tamper, depending on how you look at it, that is a good thing and a bad thing. 12,000 miles and all original down to the stock tires. I skipped over engine removal photos but here it is for tonight:

This is the bike when I picked it up in August 11'


No engine


On the bench ready to be disassembled


With the cylinder head cover removed, I got a first look at the engine internals and the looked to be in very good shape with minimal to average wear, especially the cam journals :bonk: That was a big sigh of relief. The cam chain also looked to be solid and the bolts looked good too.



The bolts inside looked brand new, almost completely confirming my belief that this is the first light the inside of this engine has seen in... probably longer than I have been alive! :banana:


Cylinder head cam journals look just as good as the rest of them and the head bolts look new. Taking the last head bolt out I noticed some weird rubber holding it from coming all the way out and I had to give it a really good tug and twist for it to come out... I dont know what that stuff is


But now I am starting to see some wear in the valves and cylinder/piston...






The cylinder itself didnt look so bad though


Cam chain guides looked unworn and I couldnt see much wear on them.



Bottom end looks clean down there from what I can see so far...



So everybody, feel free to give me input and senior advice on how everything looks, things I should check, things I might need to replace etc. I have some money I can spend on this project, so shoot me ideas and we will see what happens! More pictures coming soon, I am done for the night and will continue this project very soon! Thanks for all the help :smirk:

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