needed .45, or .46 fork springs, 5.0 shock spring

I think these may have been on wr 400? does anyone know what bike these came stock on? thanks Jeff have 4.7 and 4.8 5.2 shock springs for sale or trade


I'm pretty sure the .46's came on the WR426. I just took them out of mine and put .42's in to soften it up a bit.

I have the stock springs from a WR400 in my YZ250F. I believe they are 5.0 and 4.6. The shock is great but the fork springs are too stiff, I don't like how they feel and am going back to stock. I will sell you the fork springs.

I also need another 5.0 shock spring if anyone has one for sale.

v max and mike are you guys selling your springs? pm me also mike how much do you weigh and what do you ride?mx trails

I weigh 190 w/o gear. The YZF is raced in enduros and is also a backup MX bike if my CRF needs maintenance. I will sell the .46 fork springs for $25 plus shipping. They just aren't plush at all.

I also have a WR250F that I trailride (it has plates). I am looking for a 5.0 shock spring for that. With race sag set at 98mm, I have NO free sag (should have 15 to 25mm).

Will pay $25 plus shipping for a 5.0 shock spring, I beleive they were stock on the YZ/WR 400s.

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