bottom steering stem bearing

i want to do the bottom steering stem bearing on my 08 yz450 do u just press the rod out of the triple clamp by just pressing on the top it seems like it would mushroom the end let me know please. had to type this fast if it doesnt make sense sorry

Cool thanks I got it done

Is the steering stem but really 105 ft lbs?

Yes it is. Be careful that the socket fits correctly and that the threads are clean; the nut's aluminum.

you can guess at the 5 ft/lb for the lower nut and get away with it if you're willing to make corrections. The bearings should feel free, but have no play in them. Then about a tenth turn tighter.

Put the top clamp on, but leave the fork tube pinch bolts loose. Once you tighten the crown nut to 100-105 and clamp the forks, you should be just able to have the forks stay in any position you turn it to with the wheel on, sitting on a stand. Then ride it for a few minutes and check that it stays tight. Then an hour.

If it loosens up at any point, or feels loose or tight to start with, loosen the top clamp pinch bolts, loosen the crown nut, and rotate the bearing ring nut the appropriate direction with a punch. One sixth turn makes a considerable difference, BTW, so take things in steps.

Thanks for all the help I tightened the nut finger tight then hit it alittle it feels really good so hopefully it's good lol

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