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Rebuilding rear Axle; have general questions.

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Well, first time doing this so bear with me. It may make sense but I tend to overthink things often and question myself.

Finally getting around to rebuilding the rear axle on my 01 Warrior. The original one...welll...I may or may not have ran it so hard with shot bearing that it welded together :smirk:

So, I recieved a new/used one and it needs new bearing and grease. Have that, but upon taking the axle apart I found some surface rust where the grease around the space bearing should be. Nothing pitted, or seemingly damaged.

So my questions are:

1.) What can I use to remove the surface rust? 300 grit sandpaper and some WD40? Scotch brite? Battery acid?!?

2.) When Installing the bearings, do I want to add grease over the bearing, between the surface of the bearing and the dust seal? Or just leave that ungreased?

3.) Once I get this thing together, is there a way to prevent the bearings from dying? Such as is there something I can spray into the dust seal area to keep a good seal? Maybe some WD40, silicone spray, chain lube? I read that some people put a Zerk on the rear axle to grease it before each ride but I don't believe I have the proper tools to install that myself.

Thanks for any and all help. Can;t wait to get this thing running again after sitting in a barn for ohh....6 years :bonk:

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rust-if its not pitted usually can be cleaned with scotchbrite pads, if bearings are sealed remove (gently) one of the seals and pack new bearing with grease. i like lucas red n tacky grease but anything is better than nothing. new bearings usually dont have much grease in them, reinstall the seal onto the bearing and put grease around the outside of the seals when installing into carrier. if the quad is rode hard or raced do this at least once a year.

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