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DMC Afterburner on 2005 CRF250R

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Anyone know if the DMC Afterburner Comp or Quiet will fit on a 2005 CRF250R without modifications (bolt on)? All the info I can find says they are for 2006-2008 but are sold for single exhaust. Seems like it should fit a 2005 as well if it is single exhaust not dual. Or is it taking the dual to a single exhaust and won't fit a 2005?

Link showing it will fit 04-08:


Link showing it is only 06-08 but same part number:



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Since it's a full system, about the only issue where you're probably going to run into a problem is where the system bolts to the subframe. The 04/05 subframe is different than the 06-09 primarily where the exhaust bolts up. There's not going to be a clearance issue with the air box. Guys were trying to put duals on the 04/05 and found out that the air box is different and the mounting bolts.

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