to lube or not lube?

Hi All This maybe a daft question,but iv'e just fit new renthal front and back sprockets, with a new did race chain for my wr450 2003 and it's all nice and clean and lubed from new now

but should i lube it before my first ride out as the sprockets are dry also whats the deal with cleaning them i get in some pretty muddy stuff so i steam the bike off every ride (avoiding bearings electrics etc) whats best way of cleaning the thick mud off? iv'e done a search but couldnt find anything about lubeing a new chain sprocket set thanks for any advice

Everyone has there own method of cleaning/lubing a chain. A soft nylon bristeled(?) brush and gently scrubbed by hand is how I clean mine. Then I fire up the bike while it's on the bike stand, place the bike in gear, and let the rear wheel spin for a couple minutes. This helps warm up the chain and dry it out. Then before I shut it down, I'll spray it with something light like WD40. Of course, this is with an O-ring chain, as that's all I'll run. Maniac

Only use wd 40 on your chain if you ride offroad .

Using oil or chain lube only makes the grit pack on your chain and makes a grinding paste.

This is for o ring and x ring chains only.

If the factory packaging gunk is super thick I'll clean all of it off. Otherwise a brand new bike or chain/sprocket combo is just begging to be ridden so a little chain lube does the trick. I prefer to oil a chain after riding when the metal is warm.

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