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03 crf150f problems

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hey guys so me and my little brother bought this 03 150f for a hell of a deal from a friend who just had it sitting for the last 3 4 years. He could not figure out why it wouldn't run so we bought it super cheap replaced the rev box with a new one and now if fires up and will some what idle but only with full choke! we have had a hell of a time adjusting the needle clip position and air mix screw to get it to where the bike wont die but you cant ride it or even give her a little throttle without dying. it must be the jetting right? i;m pretty sure it has stock jetting on it. i cant figure any reason why else when you turn choke off it dies? stock carb settings is 1 1/2 out on air screw and 2nd clip on needle right? but what is the idle screw settings? any and all advice would be extremely helpful. thanks so much!

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