what happened to....

the Trail tech computers in the TT store? I got 1 there a few months ago and now my 9 yr old wants 1 for his new TTR125L and ther gone :):D

Smoke :D

They still have them. I found them the other day I think in the dual sport stuff. The live help person saud to call them to order the specific computer and billet mount you need. The number is on the shop page.

Thanks Tigerowner_ UT<

I got one today :)! SO...... do you really own one :D :D?

Smoke :D

I'm not entirely haoppy with mine....sometimes it shows me riding at 190 kmh when I am doing only about 60. It seems to sort itself out and then show crazy speeds again. Anyone else have this problem ? I think it is when it gets wet it goes crazy but not sure.

My max speed is off sometimes. Everything else is on the money compared to my enduro buddies ICO computers. My max speed will jump on up there when I am not looking. Other than that, I love the Trail Tech :)


If you call trail tech, they will send you a new sensor

Smoke :)

The sensor is very sensitive....If not placed correcly, it will "double read" the magnet, doubling your speed. Your math doesn't quite work out though :D Reposition the sensor more to one side and it should fix the problem.

Bud :)

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