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CR 250 1990 engine compatibility?

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Hello all,

I have a CR 250 1990 with a broken crankcase here. A stone hit the case really bad and ripped a big chunk out of it. I am debating whether I need to order a new set of crankcase halves or just try to find a different engine for it. The 90s and 91 engines are really rare over here. I saw that a guy on here had a 90 chassis with a 98 motor.

Can anyone enlighten me which engines fit my 1990 frame?

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I'm in the process of restoring a 1990 CR250R.

If I were you I would look at Ebay and get some good crankcase halves from a 89-91 engine.

They are not impossible to find, and the 90 engine was one of Honda's better engines ( of course someone will say that the 92-96 was better) but it had a very rideable powerband, and was almost like an electric motor. No vicious hit, and the more gas you gave it the faster it went without suddenly ripping your arms off.:bonk:

So in my opinion rebuild the 90 engine and have fun :smirk:

(as far as getting an engine to fit your frame I guess anyone from 88-96 will fit with only slight mods, but you would have to change the exhaust and make that fit your frame...)

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