What's the woodruff key status??

Woodruff key sheared,750 miles, bike #2534, Has this problem been solved and I missed the cure or is Yamaha just going to let it ride on our backs??? :D :D :D:)

The problem is solved by lapping/loctite the fit of the crank and flywheel combined with richer jetting. I do not know about the starter gear issue but the flywheel is heavy compared to the YZ450. :)

Your dealer will do that work at no cost.

Just an update: relapped the shaft and flywheel and put red loctite on shaft and nut and so far (250 miles) no problems... :):D :D


Dont know if this helps but on the yfz450 quad bike a torque limiter as been fitted to one of the idler gears driving the starter clutch.Maybe to take presure off the flywheel when backfiring.What do you think.I can not get any info from yamaha UK on this.My key failed at 400 miles

we'll know that is the fix if the 04 has it fitted to the idler gear,just like Yamaha to not say a friggin thing to their dealers about it. I hope it's true because I think the starter clutch is good for about 40 to 50 backfires before it's toast.. and they do backfire ocasionally even if the jetting is right.. Sorry Yamaha, that excuse is not going to fly..Remember pull in your clutch if you stall on a really steep hill to keep the starter from going backwards...you can pick the bike up at the bottom of the hill.. It won't have handlebars anymore but the starter clutch will still be good.. Big Jim message to Yamaha :):D :D

Well, I made 200 miles on the last fix. So I don't know what to say except I'm pissed and tired of walking out of the woods and sick and tired of Yamaha's refusal to deal with their problem and refusal to get info out to their dealers as to how to stop this from happening.. I know many people don't have the problem, but many do and it's not that much fun pushing your $6000.00 bike out of the woods.. I've almost lost confidence completely in this bike.. :):D :D :D :D :D

If your dealer in using red loctite then he's not following the TSB M2003-007 that Yamaha sent him (it calls for green loctite 648 more info

www.loctite.com/int_henkel/loctite_us/index.cfm?&pageid=19&layout=3 Search for 648 I had a failure at 0 miles and Yamaha replaced the crank and rotor after a little prodding from the dealer so far if a dealer stands up for the customer then Yamaha has replaced both crank and rotor and if you have had a reoccurring problem I would talk to my dealer and Yamaha together and you'll get your bike fixed. If you like I will fax the 5 page service bulletin to anyone that PMs me with a fax number. Remember the only permanent fix is to replace the rotor and the crank (forget the loctite)This is my experience with the dealer: My dealer is a small shop they only got 1 wr last year and 1 for this year which I will buy. The service dept is smaller 1 guy who mostly assembles John Deere equipment, in the summer they add one more so you know they never have had a wr apart. We of course had to wait on the crankshaft and the rotor that took 2 months, as there were none in stock. Ray, the summer guy is about 45 and has worked on motorcycles for years, admitted that he was excited to get to tear the first one down however they had to order a manual. The first day I show up with lunch for the whole service and parts depts, 3 Wendy's combos, 14 bucks, (the parts guy is my contact he sold me the bike in the crate) Ray has the engine apart laying on the table we look over the parts and he says you know I've never got to tear a new one down (the bike had 0 miles as it failed in the drive way) Ray was looking over the instructions about checking the crank to rotor fit and said he didn't have the stuff to do it and he had never done that before, I volunteered to help and supply the stuff which I had. The second day along with my 3 wendy's combos we check the taper and it's good (we measured the tapers trust me if you had problems the crank and rotor need replaced) Ray thanked me for showing him the process, in 20 years he hadn't the opportunity to ever check the crank taper. The third day when I picked up the wr, at lunch of course with 3 wendy's combos in tow) we have had no trouble since. I did have them order the new "slip" gears at 36 bucks cheap insurance. Make friends with these guys it's better that they like you and are working on your bike than think you are an a**hole and working on your bike. For less than 50 bucks and not being an a**hole I am treated like one of the family at the dealership. It also was after that I started getting better discounts on parts.

You know what I don't get? You guy's have payed $6+++ for a bike with this major defect...I'd be so pissed, I'd take the freekin thing back to the dealer and tell them I want my money back, if they don't fix the problem right (crank+rotor).

The "Locktite fix" would get me even more pissed off. That solution is the biggest joke. It's just a matter of time before it goes again. If you let Yamaha get away with this, who knows what the next defect will be and how much it's going to cost us all. :):D :D :D

One more thing...Some of you guys are opting to remove starter as a solution. Yamaha is getting away with murder. I don't know of anyone who would buy a car and remove the starter if that solved the defect in the vehicle. :)

When the TSB first came out, my mechanic pulled the flywheel off to check the taper.. if came off with a loud "pop" just as a flywheel with a good taper fit should.

he thought the loc-tite fix was bull s***, so he bolted it back together. ive ridden this bike all summer, and it has yet to shear a key. i will agree.. if youve had problems, the only sure fix is a new crank and rotor. if you havent had problems.. you probably never will. :)

Mine sheared at about 100 miles.Dealer fixed it,no charge.I now have about 200 miles on the bike.

I'd like to know how many guys have had theirs shear more than once.Maybe that's a good TT Poll?

If it's going to shear again,I want to know!I told my dealer that if my bike gives me one more minute of crap,I will be highly pissed and will be back to see him.

I think Yamaha might be hoping that we will meekly take it in the a$$ now that our warrantys have expired.

If it takes a new crank and flywheel to fix it,then that's what we all should get.Someone earlier mentioned a law suit.

Let's stick together on this until it is resolved.

Well, I agree with you, I am upset but I have a good relationship with my dealer and he has and is hanging in there with me on this and he's my most effective interface with Yamaha..After him comes a lawsuit which I don't really want, I just want my bike to quit breaking.. Threatening is something I usually do about 2 seconds before I do what I'm threatening.. I think wrench is totally right about having that good relationship with the dealer if possible..We have a call in to Yamaha and I'm going to give it one more try.. 5spoke: Believe me I'm not going to let Yamaha "get away with this" they WILL fix it or give me my money back..As far as why anyone would take the starter off I can only speak for myself and I say: I'm leaving for Baja in 2 weeks for a Winter of riding and I want to take a bike with me and I really don't know of another bike that compares with the 450 in the desert except an XR650 which I don't want and doesn't have an E button either.If you have one of these bikes you know that they are incredible, fast, good low end, great handling and stable at speed.. I can't find that in any other bike out there now including the orange ones.. So if I have to kick start, I'll still have a good bike to ride... :)

Mine sheared twice. I don’t remember the exact mileage but it was approx. at 40 miles then about 150 miles later. The first time I got the impression that he (the dealer) thought this was all a bunch of pony loaf and he didn’t think much of a panty waist TSB with some colored loctite. WRONG! The next time I came in with it sheared he was very, very interested in anything I could add and then when I came to pick the bike up he almost guaranteed me it wouldn’t happen again. The difference in attitude was very obvious the second time. Just makes me wonder how serious or how thorough the fix at the dealers is being done the first time. I have about 400 miles since the last fix.

BTW – I’m an amateur 45 year old rider. I haven’t really ridden in over 20 years and I stall and abuse the starter more than most probably do (from lack of experience). Who knows though it could go at anytime? Still really love the bike and wouldn’t consider getting rid of it.

I'm getting a '04 WR. I trust this issue will be resolved with it, but my point is that we not let Yamaha get away with this.

I don't want to be towing my buddies back, see them walk home or have them worry every time we ride. We shouldn’t have to worry about this if there is a permanent fix. Yamaha should own up and fix this and we should not rest until this is resolved.

I don't want us to set a precedent for future defects. My '04 better be perfect or it's going back, that's the deal.

I want a Yamaha for all the right reasons out there, as well as quality engineering. If these issues start developing, I have no problem switching brands.

Well the last fix lasted 5 miles.. it's back in the shop.. no this is not an old post.. I'm talking oct 14th,2003.. green loctite, lapped etc.. I think you're right about the new crank and flywheel.. Patience is a virtue 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 now take a deep breath and slowly let it out through your mouth... Big Jim :D :D :D:):D :D

There is a fix...new crank and flywheel.

There should be a recall and everyone who wants to take advantage of it, should be able to, no questions asked.

The value of the '03s is going down the toilet. Law suit is the answer imo.

Hate to hear about your misfortune. The answer will be known when we get a look at the 04 models. If they have redesigned it they will be in admission of a problem! I hope it doesn't have to go to a class action suit as it would be 2 years before you saw a dime.

We must all stay tuned on this site as collectively we have bargaining power. Where is Yamaha?

I have over 650 miles and just now having starter problems with a "dead spot". Has anyone else had same?

It is such a shame that Yamaha is blowing this market opportunity as this is the most stable trail bike I have ever ridden. I spilled many more times on XR's. The WR450 power is also perfect for the trail. My times are enormously improved. What a dilemma we are in.

Yes reliablity is of major importance and we do expect quality from Yamaha.

Keep us informed of your situation....


My riding buddy Jonesy920 has that dead spot issue in the electric starting drive train. I do not have that issue. But I think I was one of the fortunate ones where the tolerances on the crank, flywheel and electric start drive train fell within spec and work. I have 5,500. plus miles and I am off to Moab for a week to get it over 6,000. miles. I will let every one know how the bike survives the trip. :)

Yes we have replace the starter for a dead spot. When we checked the rotor it actually had two bad windings. We paid 127.00 for it they're about 200.00 list. You don't need a lawsuit to get it fixed just a dealer who will call Yamaha I was there when my shop called and they told them that they had tried the fix and it sheared again. Yamaha had them order a crank and rotor and the rest is history.

Yamaha Customer Relations: 1-800-962-7926

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