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PW50 model differences "L" vs "L1"

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Picked up a PW50 for my granddaughter. I know from the VIN it's a 1999.

Looking on the Yamaha website for some part numbers and it seems there are two PW 50's for 1999 and a few other years.

One series is the L and the other is L1.

Any know what makes them different? Anyway to tell based off the VIN or another simple means.


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I feel like such a dumb ass, having worked for a 4 line dealership years ago on the parts counter...

The difference is the model year. L is the first time the series was used for PW50 in 1984. L1 is the second time the series was used, 1999.

There are a bunch of overlapping letter / model year designators. A quick Google search shows that for 1974 it's A, for 1990 it's A1, and for 2011 it should be A2.

FWIW, Yamaha has it a little bit weird though, for a YZ250, the B model is 1975, the B1 is a 1991, and the B2 is 2012. Yet the YZ125 has two series of B, 1991 & 1975, while the 2012 is the B1.

Clear as mud, totally trivial...

On a good note, our newly acquired PW50 is now running good since the carb was disassembled, soaked in Hoppes, rinsed and reinstalled. I left the injector line disconnected since I plan to run premix. First test run was with no airbox, not ridden just on stand in driveway. Ran but had cut out from no airbox above 1/2 throttle. Clean filter, with fresh filter oil, fired up right away. Warmed up and ran hard on stand. It gurgled and struggled, after a few attempts it started to wind up. After several full throttle runs, it cleared out, spewg galore out the silencer, enough smoke to clear all the mosquitoes in Palm Beach county. Finally, it settled in and ran good with no smoke.

Quick plug check on the old used plug, black and wet initially, now chocolate brown (not pump gas and Klotz r50 oil).

QT stuff is in the mail, that will be next along with taking off some weight (entire oil injection system and blocking the hole) and running a "normal" non splitter cable so the kid may have enough strength to twist the grip.

The bike will be ready when she is ready for it. If it ever goes racing I'll just reinstall the oil injection stuff. Also, if it does get raced, I should probably have a close look to make sure one of the previous owners didn't build a modified bike and I get caught with it. Better safe than sorry.


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