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Missouri need some valve work and some shock work done in the midwest.

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I am looking for a shop (other than a dealership) that specializes in engine work. Need new valves and seat cutting or whatever else needs to go with new valves.

I also need a shop to do shock re-valving and setup. Does not need to be the same shop.

I am located in the Kansas City area but am willing to send out or take the bike somewhere within a days drive.

In reading through posts, I see lots of guys recommending shops for engine work or shock work but most seem to be on one coast or the other. Would like to find someone closer.

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Jeff Young builds a lot of motors for the quad guys that runs nationals. He has really good rates and will stand behind his work.

He is located in Western Ky, would be about a 9 hr drive for you but I'm sure you can ship it to him


tell him you got the number from Harold Wilson.

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