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Starting issues!!! Kick's fine but no estart?

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I'm having some bike issues and I'm hoping someone on here can lend some constructive insight into my current moto troubles.

Here's what's been going on:

I had the valves replaced, new piston, cam, etc. installed about a year ago and have no issues kick starting my bike (valves are in spec.) It's raced the San Felipe 250 and probably logged about 600+ miles in baja this year. :bonk:

And this entire time I've never really used the estart. I always kicked it over since the battery died last March. I finally got around to replacing the battery with a Yuasa YTZ7S but when I hit the e-start I'm out of luck. It doesn't click or anything. I have no issues kick starting it but would like an operational estart for next race season. & Yes, I charged the battery prior to installation.

Fuse, fuel, etc are fine. I'm bashing my head on this one. How frequently do starter motor's go out on these? If that's the issue how easy are they to rebuild? Would like to avoid taking my trusty 250 to a shop! :smirk:

Again, any input is appreciated.

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As long as the windings are good, the brushes on starters are usually very easy to replace.

get some leads/cables connected to a known good batt, momentarily touch them to the connections on the starter, if the starter spins it isn't the starter motor,MY next check would be either the starter relay or the clutch safety switch.

Disconnect the wires and connect or jumper them on the clutch safety switch, if it turns over then you have found the prob.

After that I would lean heavily towards the relay.

If the relay does not fix it then it will probably be a wiring issue.



31206-MBE-008 1 $17.95 $16.16


31201-MBE-008 1 $8.47 $7.62

Clutch switch


35340-ML4-005 1 $14.47 $13.02

Can't find the relay in the parts fiche, got tired of looking.

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Also, something I overlooked is the clutch switch, ensure you have the clutch in when you press the starter, failing that check it is working properly

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sometimes the clutch switch wires can get damaged (usually behind the headlight ) I'd trace these wires before going to replacing the relay

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