Best fitting after market plastics for 11 450 ?

I have the acerbis shrouds which fit well, I'm needing to get new plastics all around, so, any suggestions beside the acerbis for best fit, or stick with acerbis ? Thanks

I have the full kit from acerbis and have zero problems with fit. They seem kinda cheap in quality though. Cycra seems to have gotten the best vote on here.

I like Acerbis best. UFO is up there to.

I've had 2 Polisport kits, they seemed pretty good & I'd buy again.

Im a fan of UFO bodywork!!!

Used a few items from Acerbis and they fit well also.

I have Cycra Powerflow shrouds and I was surprised how well they fit. I was expecting a battle to put them on but they bolted up easily.

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